Welcome to the Christ's Art Society online gallery, which showcases the art made by students of Christ's College over Lent term of 2021



Here at CAS (Christ's Art Society), we wanted to provide a creative outlet during this remote term, as well as foster some sense of community... thus the CAS ArtXchange was born.

In the first week we provided everyone with prompts to start their 'stream', and collected all submissions after one week. The following four weeks, we sent people art created by someone else in the previous week to act as their prompt, collecting submissions after every week.

  • To start viewing the 'streams', head on over to ARTXCHANGE!

  • For more information about the project or CAS in general, check out ABOUT.

  • The ArtXChange was also a competition - to incentivise eager participation and breathe some competitive spirit into Lent, with submissions being chosen as winners for various categories. Be sure to look at the WINNERS page.

Happy viewing :))